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Stuart Collective is a custom furniture business grown from curiosity, originality, and dedication. Each piece is hand-crafted utilizing reclaimed and recycled materials, with limited demand on the environment. From concept to creation, the client is involved in each step to ensure their piece is unique, captivating, and true to their lifestyle. The Stuart Collective studio is located in rural Los Angeles in a quiet barn on my family's property, where I grew up with my five siblings. This serene backdrop provides creative inspiration, a connection with the past, and a reminder of how character and beauty are built over time.  


Stuart Collective initially began as a small framing business that utilized reclaimed barnwood from a cow farm in central California.  As the company evolved, we found that with a bit of creativity, there are endless opportunities for sourcing inspirational materials with a unique history. Our projects have used shelving from a run down autoparts store, fencing from abandoned homes, decking from a beach side bungalow, and doors from a local playhouse after their show had closed.  Sparking new life into salvaged and reclaimed materials reduces our demand on virgin resources while maintaining a look that only time is able to accurately produce.  


We also take pride in the use of non-toxic and low VOC paints, stains, and finishes which lead to less indoor air pollution, and a healthier environment for you and your family.      


The process starts with the birth of an idea and an image in your head. Only you know exactly what you want, and we will work together to create that perfect piece.  Our furniture is made to fit your lifestyle, and the best way to build what you want is to understand who you are.  While the end goal may be to build a beautiful product, buiding a solid relationship along the way is something that we truly value. 


Starting with our initial conversation, each detail will be addressed to avoid any surprises.  Hand-drawn drawings, stain samples, and finishes will all be modified for your approval. You can be as much or as little involved as you prefer, and we will be there throughout the process to provide our thoughts and input.  We love building something from nothing, but in the end we hope that you feel like this is your creation as well.  


Family Run

Stuart Collective maintains the philosophy of an older generation, when quality and ingenuity were at the forefront of one's work.  My grandfather and great grandfather were mechanics by trade, running a shop called Stuart's Garage in Tulare, CA.  However, there was much more than cars being worked on under their roof.  There was always a chatter of woodworking and welding machines producing anything from a 12 foot custom steel BBQ to a wooden duck decoy.  It seemed that everything that they owned, they made. This knowledge and passion was passed down to my father, and my father passed it to my brothers and me.  


There is always a conversation about our next big project or new idea.  There is always someone around to keep something level, hammer a nail, or unload a truck. From design to delivery, everything is done in house, and backed by four generations of craftsmanship and creativity.               



At Stuart Collective, everything is custom made.  We don't stock any of our pieces, so each project is 100% unique and original.  The finishes vary; the stains vary; the sizes vary; the materials vary.  The combinations are endless, and they are all handmade to order.  


The Stuart Collective workshop is located off the grid, so while the major work is powered through the use of a small fuel efficient generator (10 hrs/gallon), the rest is done by hand.  With our small, but knowledgeable team, special care and attention is put into each piece ensuring consistent quality and machine like accuracy. 


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